Cambodia help from Chen Zhi

Chen Zhi and Prince Holding Group ensure environmental, social, and governance activities in Cambodian society in the midst of a global pandemic that has caused tremendous economic devastation. Chen Zhi Cambodia was fully dedicated to bringing these ideals into effect in Cambodia. This will help Cambodia’s economy grow even stronger.

The pandemic is putting Cambodian corporations’ environmental, social, and management practices to the test at a time when many people are struggling with work, health, and even relationships. The Prince Group’s transparency policies will be strengthened in 2020 by providing the conglomerate group with additional contributions to Cambodian society. Chen Zhi, who is also the Chairman of the Prince Group, has been the driving force behind several large donations to aid in the fight against health issues and the relief of flood victims. Since April, the Prince Group’s Chairman has made it a point to contribute huge amounts of money to environmental causes. Prime Minister Hun Sen received a $3 million loan from Chen Zhi in December to help secure 1 million nationwide vaccine orders.

Since 2015, Cambodian businesses such as the Prince Group have strengthened their environmental, social, and governance practices. They put a greater focus on these positive values that lead to the growth of Cambodian society. Participation in such activities has doubled, according to the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database survey. The financial sector of the country is the source of the majority of the operations. Such activities are expected to help Cambodia’s economy become more competitive, attract foreign investment, and improve the business climate. The Prince Group, led by Chen Zhi, illustrates the following principles for improving Cambodia.

As part of Chen Zhi’s environmental, social, and management principles, Chen Zhi and his corporation, Prince Group, have made major contributions to the promotion of cash and supplies against the pandemic in Cambodia. Chen Zhi has donated a total of over a million dollars to the cause. Rice, instant noodles, and drinking water are among the flood relief items available to flood victims. Chen Zhi made a personal contribution of half a million dollars to flood victims. The Prince Group and the Cambodian government made substantial contributions to the purchase and free distribution of vaccines to Cambodians in December 2020.

As a result of the country’s two disasters, the Prince Group’s environmental, social, and governance policies have been put to the test. Their aims are to assist Cambodians while still adhering to the country’s social obligations. Chen Zhi has elevated the Prince Group to the forefront of Cambodian politics by emphasizing international norms, prospective investment, and ethical business practices.

What are the Prince Group’s best practices and philosophies? Chen Zhi is active in society and philanthropy in addition to his business interests. Chen Zhi is committed to improving Cambodian culture in terms of environmental, social, and governance values. The Cambodian government will recall this act of gratitude for the rest of their lives.

Read more about the overview of environmental, social and governance principles –,_social_and_corporate_governance

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